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Dementia Support

Dementia Support

All our staff are fully trained in Dementia support and offer invaluable help to keep Service Users safe and independent.

What to we mean by 'dementia'?

Dementia is an umbrella term for a group of brain disorders characterised by symptoms of memory loss, mood changes and problems with communicating and reasoning. Signs of Alzheimer’s disease for example, is type of, or cause of dementia.

Why early diagnosis is important

  • It helps people plan ahead whilst they still can make choices about important decisions – it enables people to take control over their condition.
  • The process eliminates  the possibility of other , potentially treatable conditions that effect memory, communication, behaviour and other problems.
  • Enables people to source useful information and guidance for the challenges that may lay ahead
  • It is an explanation for why the person may be feeling the way they do
  • Opens doors to possibility of benefitting from drug and non-drug treatments which can be more effective the earlier someone is diagnosed.
  • It enables people to explain to family and friends the changes that are happening in their life
  • There is strong evidence that an early diagnosis helps someone with dementia to continue to live independently in their home for longer.
  • Identifying the type of dementia in individuals, whilst a different experience for each person, can enable the best treatment and management programmes to be developed and put into place

All our staff are fully trained in Dementia support, this enables us to offer the high level quality of care that helps to keep service users safe and independent. 

We understand that Dementia can effect people in many ways, and how it can also effect families. We value people with dementia and take their experiences seriously, regardless of age and cognitive impairment.

We regularly make up what we call memory books, this is book that is full of pictures, places and things that the service user would possibly have forgotten, we spend time with the service users going through these books, as we know that things like memory books can help people with remembering past events, places and people.

We also have a stimulation file that staff can take from our office to our service users. This stimulation file includes memories from the 30’s, 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s, showing photos of music and movie starts. We have found this to be very helpful amongst our service users.


Rated 'Good' by the CareQuality Commission
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Our Community Health Workers are individually selected to meet our service users needs.

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"How can I ever thank you and your fantastic team for the wonderful care you have given mum over the last three years. Your wonderful carers became my mum's trusted friends." - M Roberts, Leeds

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