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Care in Your Home

Here at Caring Heart and Hands ltd we offer all aspects of home care.

We can help with -


Bathing and showering

we understand that some people may feel nervous about getting in and out of the bath/shower. We can go in and assist but at all times encourage to remain independent. We can offer advice on what equipment may be needed to make the task less stressful and more safe for the service user, and we can also recommended service users and families where to source these from.


Dressing and undressing

we know sometimes living with dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other condition can be worrying, not just for the service user but for the families also, here at Caring Heart and Hands ltd we can offer full support in dressing and undressing, washing and drying clothes whilst still enabling the service user to be as independent as they would like to be.


Assisting with meal times

Meal times can be a stressful part of the day, we understand that nutrition is key and we encourage all our service users to try to eat a healthy balanced diet. We can assist in the preparing of meals, the serving of meals and can communicate with the correct people if needed, for example dietitians.


Administering medication 

all our staff are trained in administering medication, we are fully aware that medication can be a difficult part of caring for someone. We can assist in the taking of medication and we document it all on a legally binding document, or we can also prompt service users to remain independent and to take their own medication at set times that are needed. We also can request repeat prescriptions and arrange for them to be picked up or delivered in dosset boxes.



Caring Heart and Hands ltd understand that living alone can become very lonely, we offer time to go and sit with service users, we also have set times with our service users, these times we fully honour, these set times are set for a reason and this enables us to be able to offer a high standard of care and company.


Help with everyday tasks

this may be taking rubbish bins out, making of beds, assisting with phone calls, anything that will enhance the ability for people to remain independent in there own home but to do so safely and with minimal risk.

Rated 'Good' by the CareQuality Commission
Apply for our help

Apply for our help

Please ring one of our friendly admin team for any help or advice.

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Our Community Health Workers are individually selected to meet our service users needs.

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Our Services

Our Services

Our services include 24 hour care, Parkinsons and dementia support and more.

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"How can I ever thank you and your fantastic team for the wonderful care you have given mum over the last three years. Your wonderful carers became my mum's trusted friends." - M Roberts, Leeds

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